Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spot On Energy

Spot On Energy,a relatively new entrant into the energy market,are trying to offer a product to compete with the energy drink craze going on!

With these patches,which come 4 to a pack and retail for $2.99,you don't have to worry about taste,stomach problems,and objection to certain ingredients.

I tried these patches,recommended 2 at a time,and i must say,they do work and its a smooth transition with NO SIDE EFFECTS that i can recall.There are B vitamins,green tea extract,caffeine,and taurine as key ingredients!My 2 patches gave me a boost of energy for 5 1/2hrs,so they do have a good time,though it varies depending on your body!

Your body heat activates them to give you quick and sustained energy!And what really makes Spot On Energy stand out is that there are:NO CALORIES,NO SUGAR,& NO PRESERVATIVES!

They are small,conveinient to use,discreet,and healthier to use than energy drinks!WITH NO CRASHING!


  1. sounds good to me let me try them please

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